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Aqua Interview – Luis Filipe Samora Cardoso

Aqua Interview – Masashi Ono

Aqua Interview – Yeo Siak Wee

Aqua Interview – Steven Chong

Life Aqua Promotion Video

Aqua Master Series Vol.1
Aqua Master Series Vol.1 2400mm Aquarium Tank Design by Takayuki Fukada and Masashi Ono
Aqua Interview – Andy Tam
Andy Tam talked about vision and technology of his creation.
Aqua Interview – Takayuki Fukada
Talayuki Fukada from Japan talked about his view in aquascaping life.
Aqua Interview – Masashi Ono
Masashi Ono from Japan talked about his view in aquascaping life.
Smart Aqua Set Up in Poland
Smart Aqua is a automation system for aquascapers fully control they light and electronic devices in their studio and home.
Smart Aqua in Aquarium Gardens UK
Smart Aqua wireless automation system had been set up in Aquarium Gardens, United Kingdom.
Smart Aqua in Hong Kong
Smart Aqua is a perfect system to manage your home and aquarium on mobile.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:
Masashi Ono
Japan Aquarium Artist
Takayuki Fukada
Japan Aquarium Artist
Very vivid colours from plants and fish, deep reds from our Ludwigia, and overall makes the aquascape look very clear and crisp. Colour rendition is also beautiful and promotes plants in their most true colour.
Dave Pierce
England Aquarium Artist
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